About us

HA Consulting – Holistically Aesthetic was founded on the basis of being professional, ethical, integral and with the vision to aid in all areas of the aesthetic industry using both expertise and a personalised approach to produce transferable solutions and results. We value our partners and want our partners to value our services and ethos. 

 We are extremely passionate about the aesthetic industry, technology and the pace at which the aesthetic market is growing. The services we offer are designed to support all aspects of the industry whether Clinic, Medi-spa or Supplier.

All services are designed to achieve client/business growth potential whilst streamlining the experience. 
HA Consulting want to support each client in creating new/improved work patterns that are effective in streamlining processes and communication. Working with both suppliers and clinics you can be assured that confidentiality is always at the forefront of our minds and safeguarding information and reputation is part of partnership.

At HA Consulting we work with specialist professionals from within the UK that are experts in their field such as Marketing, Finance, LPA’S, Building Contractors and many more. This ensures that you are always being advised in order to achieve your companies goals whether that is risk management, project management  or procurement support.

Sadie - Director

Firstly thank you for visiting our website!
To  give you a little bit of a background about myself and the industry experience I have, I started out working for Penny Hill Park in Surrey within The Spa in 2003 and went on to work with La Prairie opening their first spa within the Caribbean, looking after VIP guests. When I arrived back to the UK I had seen a shift from beauty to aesthetics and ever since that exciting change I have worked within aesthetics. 
I have had the pleasure of working both in clinic and from a training and energy device sales role. Within my career I have worked with national chains and solely owned Medi-spa's and Clinic's.
Aesthetics is not just a career for me but a true passion, as is helping and inspiring those around me to shine.